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  1. Really good site Alan. Informative and concise with a good mix of interestng material.
    It is a pleasure to use and so easy. Oh dear should I have said `Navigate`.

    Well done. i`m most impressed.

  2. Heard you chatting tonight with Ron (G3SVW) on 2M Amateur Radio. Very interesting, you certainly have a very full life!
    I’d not heard you before on Amateur Radio so just had to look you up on, hence on to this website. It’s good!
    I’ve visited Ron’s radio club a couple of times as a couple of the local amateurs here in the Eccles area I speak to regularly are also members, so have met Ron in person.
    73’s (as we say)
    Kevin G8FYK
    (My full details are on

    • Hi Kevin, Thanks for the kind comment about my website – I am becoming reasonably proficient in using WordPress and have developed several websites for my community. As you observe I have a very busy life and consequently don’t get on the air very much as I would like.
      I do a lot more listening than transmitting these days, whilst doing other things in the shack. My limited operating is mainly QRP on HF using CW – usually on 80 metres on a Monday evenings.

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