As a teenager I used to ride regularly with the local section of the Cyclists Touring Club (The CTC) and raced in a few time trials which I really enjoyed. Consequently cycling has always been one of my activities. My work horse bike is an Edinburgh Cycles “Revolution Courier Race”. I doesn’t get a lot of use these days. The Traffic round where I live makes road cycling for someone of my age a rather risky business. I now spend more time on an exercise bike.


My everyday bike


My other bike is my best Cannondale Road bike which tends to be used locally on fine days or taken on my bike rack to be ridden further afield. The bike rack and the attachment is an


Bike loaded on the rack

 excellent product from Witter which just bolts behind the toe bar ball and the “horns” just clip in and out as needed. I managed to obtain some tubing of the same diameter so made a separate seat. Once the bike and rack are off loaded, it clips into the empty mount and enables me to sit comfortably whilst putting on my cycling shoes. It also works when I a go hill walking to sit on to put on my hiking boots.


Using it as an antenna mount


My homemade bike seat

With another length of the tubing I made an antenna mount for my mobile amateur radio activities.