I decided several years ago that I needed to broaden my narrow technical based interests to encompass art in some form.

Digital Imagery

As luck would have it my local college was offering a course on Creative Digital Design. It seemed to me that this would fit very well with my interest in computing and so I signed up. Over the  two years I gradually started to see things from an entirely different perspective as well as mastering an ability to manipulate, design and create  composite images – a relatively modern art form.

after lowry_small

After Lowry

shoe compo

Formula Shoe Grand Prix Racing

The two images illustrate the type of things I like to create


Water Colour Painting

As a walker I have always liked watercolour paintings of landscapes, particularly mountain scenes and am a great admirer of the artist David Bellamy. It seems to me that water colour paintings capture the “atmosphere” of a scene better than any other medium.

Aphitheatre Butress copy

Amphitheatre Buttress in Snowdonia

Its strange the way things work out and whilst on the above course I met my current art teacher, Sue Williams, who suggested that maybe I should try my hand at water colour painting. I have  been painting for several years now and am now starting to paint my own mountain and other water colour paintings.

autumn woods copy

Autumn Scene in a Local Wood

I recognise that I have still a long way to go and  really need to practice a lot more but I am thoroughly enjoying the hobby and the people who I meet.  These are just two examples of my work which I recently exhibited.

As LS Lowry once said

” I am not an artist but a man who paints”

which just about sums me up